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You stumbled on this blog, having the questions in your mind that goes like – How can I be successful? How can I earn more? How can I retire early? How can I be happy?

All these questions had circled in your head several times before, but today, it haunts you AGAIN.

By now, I suppose the words “savings”, “goals”, “investments”, “financial freedom” and all other related words are already familiar to you. Probably you’ve read a book or watched a video once or twice about these things but you’re still hoping you could find additional motivation or extra tricks – perhaps that’s why you search over and over for success tools.

But the truth of the matter is…

Oftentimes, YOU already know the answers to the questions you have. And it’s just the lack of drive and effective approach that hinders you in taking actual steps towards your goal.

I’ve been there and I’ll teach you how.

Way back, when I was just beginning to realize that things in my life are a mess. I wasn’t going anywhere. I was miserable and unhappy due to my finances. I’ve learned the act of ‘Pause & Reflect”. I literally talked to myself, asked questions to get answers that can give me clarity of my actual situation.  

Why am I doing what I do every day?

What do I want to happen with my life – what will make me happy and fulfilled?

How will I do it?

I was able to re-focus on things that mattered to me, got back on track and push forward. I had to dig deep and find the answers to all these questions. I’ve exerted immense focus on what I really desire. Then I felt the strong eagerness to get it, so I ACTED on it. And when I said “acted”, I meant massive action of hard work or else I may end up working my a** off for nothing. It took a few years, but eventually I’ve succeeded!

Given that life is hard, we always find ourselves on the edge of giving up – trust me, I know how that feels. But when you’ve found that one thing or a few things that really spark you up and you strongly focus on it, you’d feel a different kind of hunger to achieve it – giving you the drive to push harder. 

So, what’s holding you back?

It can be the stress in your daily life or the conflicting relationships with the people around you – it can even be your own emotions! Whatever it is that distracts you from aiming what you want, learn how to resolve them. If you can’t do it on your own, learn how to reach out to people who knows how.

Any kind of stress or distraction (financial, emotional, physical, mental) can pull you down. But remember that it’s all about getting right back up. And honestly, we cannot avoid these things, we just have to know how to deal with them.

Once you’ve settled these scattered pieces, you can now focus on the things you want to achieve — without interruption. Right there and then, you could start taking a massive action towards success.

Aim for lasting results.

Most people do things to put up with life’s strain such as leisure activities, yoga, massage therapy and other similar stuff. These are all good and they all help. However, these things are temporary resolutions.

Looking into a bigger picture, I’ve learned that feeding your mind and soul with motivational tools (audio books, videos, podcast and likes) where you can learn useful insights, tricks or inspirations, is a powerful habit that will propel you to keep working towards your goals.  It can inspire you so much about how life works and eventually you’ll gain enduring effects.

Equations I have in life:

Strong Focus + Motivation = Great Strategic Plans

Great Strategic Plans + Efficient Hard Work = Success

Success + Fulfillment = Happiness

Wherever you’re at in life, you have what it takes to make things happen!

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