1). Swagbucks ($15 bonus for signing up) – The easiest side hustle on this list. You sign up and complete offers and surveys and you also get paid for using its search engine. Does Google pay you to do that? No. Yet they sell your info to other people. At least now you’ll get paid for it.

You can also play games and watch TV and get paid. It’s the perfect side hustle for when you’re binging Netflix or just sitting on the Subway for your daily commute. You get $5 just for signing up and another $10 when you make your first purchase on a cashback site (Amazon, Walmart, mobasically any large retailer).

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2). Inbox Dollars ($5 bonus just for signing up!) – Watch TV and take surveys to make money. Similar to Swagbucks, but has different surveys. It has a $5 bonus for signing up.

3). Fashion and Commercial Surveys (Slice the Pie) –  Love fashion week or dissecting commercials? Slice the Pie has the best surveys for fashion and commercials! Get extra cash for just sharing your opinion.

survey-junkie-retire-hacks4). Survey Junkie – Survey site the best UI experience. Online reports of surveys paying up to $50 per survey.

Install An App And Collect $ Automatically

5). Shoptracker ($3 bonus) – ($36/year)  Everyone orders from Amazon, and I’m sure you do too. Shoptracker is interested in Amazon data.

Shoptracker will give you $3 for just signing up and then $3 every month after that. That’s an extra $36 a year for just installing an app! The data is anonymized.

6). Paribus – Get money back when the price drops for an item you’ve bought! Have you ever read the terms and conditions of online retailers? Probably not, since they’re so long. Many online retailers offer a purchase protection program, which will give you back money if the price of an item drops within a certain period of time.

Let’s say you buy a sweater for $50 online and they offer a 30 days price protection program. In 2 weeks, the sweater drops to $25. Most people don’t want to check the website every day in case the price drops. Paribus runs a program that checks for you for free so you just get that cash back.

7). Neilson Computer & Mobile Panel ($120/year) – Similar to Shoptracker, Neilson pays you just for browsing on your computer as you would normally do. All data is anonymized. You can register as many devices as long as there is space in your demographic and geographic location. You’ll need to check the website to see if you’re eligible. Once you register for the Desktop version for $10,000 giveaways, you can earn $50/year per device for tablets and phones.

Super Easy Apps

8). ShopKick (Free 250 kicks) – You install it and get points for just walking into stores and scanning . If you were going into the mall, you could open up your app and walk into many of the large chain stores for a points. It also gives you points for scanning barcodes of items (no need to purchase!). It’s not worth getting points for actual purchases (use eBates for that!), but it’s fun to get paid to just walk into a store or scan a barcode. You get 250 free kicks if you install the app and earn some Kicks by walking into a store or scanning barcodes within 7 days of downloading the app.

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9). Ibotta (free $10 signup bonus) – Take pictures of your receipts and earn money just from that! You get a free $10 bonus just for signing up. They also have coupons for grocery items and random discounts like 50 percent of Amazon student prime and other big name programs.

Ibotta also gives you $1 off each Uber ride, which is awesome.

10). Drop — Do you always forget to bring your shopping list to the store? Drop is just perfect for you. There’s no need to remember to scan a receipt. Here, when you shop at a connected retailer, you’ll automatically earn points on your entire purchase.

11). Cosign — Are you always sharing on social media? Cosign is an app specifically targeted to the clothing, beauty, tech, and food industries. Here, you just tag your favorite brands in your social media photos and then receive money when your friends buy the same products.

12). Fetch Rewards — Are you  so busy you can’t even plan your next shopping trip? This is a super easy way to get cash out for a gift card to a number of retailers, including Target and Amazon. Here, you’ll earn rewards when you simply take a photo of your receipt — any receipt from any grocery store.

ebates-retire-hacks13). Ebates (free $10 signup bonus) – The king of free money online. All you have to do is go through the Ebates website whenever you shop online and you’ll get rebates all the way to 10 percent of your purchase price. You also get $10 just for signing up! Double dip with credit card rewards AND cash back.

14). Dosh (free $5 signup bonus) – Dosh offers cashback just by linking your credit card. Double dip by getting credit card rewards AND getting cashback automatically through Dosh. It also offers in-store cash back, which is something you never find in any of the other cash back apps. You just get your app scanned by the cashier.  There’s also a $5 bonus when you link your first credit card with the app.

15). Checkout51 – This app is similar to Ibotta. You can download both and upload your receipts to both apps. Double dip!

Get Paid For Weight Loss

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16). SweatCoin – This app pays you just for walking! You get 1 Sweatcoin per 1,000 steps and you can exchange your coins for prizes in the form of Amazon gift cards or exercise equipment (like FitBits and Garmin exercise equipment!). You can probably make $50 a year if you walk 10,000 steps a day. If you run outside, you’ll make a lot more.

17). Achievemint – Another app that pays you for exercise. They also have some surveys about your health. I’m fine with Achievemint knowing where I walk, but I don’t link any other apps to it in case of privacy reasons. If you walk 10,000 steps a day as recommended by the health community, it’ll take about a year to earn $50 in Paypal. It’s free, so you can just set it on your phone and wait.

18.) Earnin – iOS version is here and the Android version is here. Earnin allows you to get paid daily instead of biweekly from your employer. If you need money ahead of your biweekly pay schedule, you can use this to get more cash ahead of time. They have a tipping method, but you should realize that tipping even $1 every time is equivalent to 360% interest per year if you use it every day. You don’t have to tip though, you can just leave $0. I’ve contacted them and they said it’s all right to leave $0. So free! Why not get paid daily instead of biweekly?

19). Selling your junk mail – Ever get super annoyed with all the junk mail you get? Well, now you can sell it to a company who analyzes junk mail! They accept both physical mail and email junk mail. How cool!

20). eJury – Get paid for your opinion on cases! You need to have qualities that could actually put you on a jury. You cannot be a lawyer, associated with a law firm, or employed as an insurance adjuster, etc.

youtube-retire-hacks21). YouTube – If you’re willing to post instructional, funny, daily vlogs, etc videos, you should consider Youtube. It’s getting harder to monetize videos and they recently raised the partner program rules for acceptance. You now need a total watch time of 4,000 hours in the past 12 months and at least 1,000 subscribers. If you’re really creative, you should consider this one. If you aren’t, I’d really consider something else.

22). Amazon Mechanical Turk  – This site is full of small tasks that requesters put up. You could be solving captchas for a few cents each or leaving comments on blog posts. Everything is super random and made up of tiny tasks. I think doing surveys is better but maybe you’ll have better luck with it than I did.

23). Paid to Tweet – If you have a large following on Twitter, you can get paid to tweet about different brands and products. Depending on how large your following is, you’ll get paid more exponentially.

24). Instagram Influencer – If you have a large Instagram following, brands will reach out to give you free products and you can charge a per post fee. You can buy and sell Instagram accounts as well to run them.

Famous person :  John Crestani, founder and CEO of Nutryst

25). Expert Pinterest VA – If you can show traffic proof that you’ve mastered Pinterest on your own blog, then you can try reaching out to other bloggers to see if they need help with Pinterest. Look around for what other people are charging and their results and structure your price list accordingly.

26). Expert FaceBook Ads VA – Master FB ads and reach out to local and internet businesses to manage their FB account. If you know what you’re doing you can subsidize the cost of traffic. Always know your CPA, CPM, and margin of the product to the business side. Prove that you can create arbitrage for your client by driving traffic at a lower cost than their profit and they’ll come back again and again.

27). SEO Expert – Read the Art of SEO, follow the blogs that talk about SEO, and gain organic traffic to your own site. Once you can show you know what you’re doing by proving how much traffic you get via organic search referrals, you can charge for SEO consulting. You can throw up a few posts where you give free basic advice away and then charge for more advanced and tailored advice.

28). Creating a Lead Generation Website — Another way to make passive income is to create a lead generation website. Lead generation websites exist to give referrals to local businesses.

29). Create a Mobile App —If you are a bit techie and can come up with some unique ideas for mobile apps, or improve upon an existing app that will help people make their lives better, you may land yourself a great source of passive income.

Every app on your phone is making money for somebody, somewhere. For instance, Joel Comm made over $1Million from his iFart app.

We won’t even talk about the ridiculous money that Angry Birds brought in.

While these are the exceptions, there are plenty of people making thousands of dollars per month with their mobile apps.

So, let’s say you created a lead generation website that focuses on real estate. You’d use the site to educate people about home ownership. Or, you’d educate them about real estate investing.

Within the site you’d have links where people could contact you to learn more. When someone contacts you, you refer them to a real estate professional in their area.

The real estate professional would pay you for the lead. It’s a warm lead and not a cold lead, so professionals would be more willing to pay.

You could also make money by having advertisers on your site. Note that you would have to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules in order to make the site successful. Getting your site at the top of search engine pages would be vital to success.

30). Pay Your Selfie – An interesting app that pays you for specific selfies. Not sure what they do with the pictures. It’s $20 to cash out but it might take you a while to get there since selfies range from $.1 to $1 in pay. If you find this fun, go ahead, but just doing surveys might be better for the small tasks.

31). Podcasting – Create your own podcast in a specific niche and sell advertisements and sponsorships once youbl gain a large following.

32). Blogging – I’m guessing 90 percent of people fail at this because they’re not willing to spend the time to figure it out. It’s like starting a very low-cost startup but where you have to wear all the hats. Design, writing, marketing, etc. – starting a blog teaches you a lot of skills. I don’t have a link nor do I have course, so google “free blogging courses” if you’re really interested. Be warned though, you’re likely going to waste that money unless you commit to it for at least a few years.

33). Bug Bounty Programs – Large tech companies offer bug bounty programs where if you discover a bug they’ll pay you cold, hard, cash. Security bugs pay the most

There are tons of other side hustles available out there. Come and check all it all out

These side hustles can be done with just a bit of work. Try them out

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