An Insight into Financial Independence Early Retirement

FIRE stands for
Financial Independence Retire Early. Its a movement among people who wish to retire earlier than what the traditional plans of retirement allow. Simple life hacks like frugal living, investment in low cost index funds and stock markets and high saving rates allow one to achieve financial independence and become an early retiree within short periods of time, usually 10 to 12 years.

The FIRE community now comprises of more than hundred prolific bloggers who share their journeys and inspire others to attain their dreams of early retirement. Dianne, popularly known as Ms. FIRE is one such blogger who passionately shares her journey of financial independence and early retirement and is ever enthusiastic to assist people to achieve financial independence through simple hacks, thereby assisting them throughout their journey.

Some people see the FIRE movement as something that demands a lot of sacrifice but the proponents of the movement do not look at it in this manner. Because if you are spending money just on things that are valuable to you then what you are giving up accounts for something that doesnt hold much significance in your life. Moreover, the reward you get in the end is worth the sacrifice. In the end, FIRE is a remarkable tool for personal development that will help you in the long term.

It stresses on a minimalist lifestyle approach when executed efficiently can account for a rich life experience. The movement is like a playbook for a layman that permits them to visualize what their life would look like without the limits of a forty hour per week work culture that lasts till their mid-sixties. FIRE offers individuals with the prospects to do the work they wish to do and achieve financial goals to lead a rich and satisfying life.

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