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124). Uber – Have a car? Consider driving for Uber. Be strategic and drive Monday mornings (consultants going to the airport) and Thursday through Saturday night. Why? When everyone else is out drinking and partying, you can be the sober one and collect all that surge fare. Plus you’ll save money on not drinking!

Holidays have the craziest surge fares — if you’re in debt or just want to retire earlier, consider taking a few hours during the large holidays to drive people around. Plus they’re likely to tip more due to the holiday spirit.

Drive when there are professional sports games going on, because people are drinking at those events and need to get home at the end. The same applies for large concerts, parades that shut down streets, or when even when the subway is out of whack.

You should drive smart, not more. Drive when the hourly wage is higher due to surge. The above examples should get you there. Think hard about when there is more demand than supply.

125). Lyft ($250 sign up bonus) – If you’re considering Uber, you might as well sign up for Lyft. Plus they’re giving a bonus! I try and talk to every Uber and Lyft driver I get in the car with and they all have both apps open on their phone and usually take the closest ride.

126). uShip – Commercial shipments of goods through personal vehicles. You’ll need to own a truck or other large vehicle. If you’re traveling to another city by car, you can carry some goods along the way so you don’t have to do anything extra.

127). Ubereats – If you live in a metropolitan city, you can earn money for just biking! Getting paid to exercise? Now, that’s a multi-tasking side hustle! Ubereats also accepts cars, scooters, and walkers in different places. If you’re already driving for Uber or Lyft, or on Postmates, you might as well add an extra app for you to make extra cash delivering things!

128). Spinlister – Have an extra bike lying around that you don’t use a lot? List it on Spinlister so you can get some extra income for it!

129). Instacart – In metropolitan cities, Instacart hires independent contractors who go into grocery stores, buy the food, and then deliver it. Get paid for delivering groceries!

130). Amazon Flex – If you live in a metropolitan city, you’ve possibly heard of Amazon Prime Now, where Amazon delivers items to you in two hours or less. They hire normal people for shifts to deliver your items. The default tip is $5 on the app (I’ve gotten stuff delivered before) and I wonder if most people change the amount

There are tons of other side hustles available out there. Come and check all it all out

These side hustles can be done with just a bit of work. Try them out

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