Other Side Hustles

144). Car Wrapping – If you’re a person who doesn’t care what other people think, you can get your car wrapped in a large advertisement. For a few hundred dollars a month, your car can be a walking billboard.

145). OpenBiome – In Boston, there’s a center that pays $40 per stool donation. You have to commit to going 3 times a week for 60 days. That’s $480 a month, or $120 a week, just for doing something you do already! Great for college students or people who work close to the centers.

Best of all, no side effects and you’re helping someone else. Your stool is used for a procedure called FMT, which cures people of C. Diff infections. The center, OpenBiome, is a non-profit as well, so you don’t have to worry about big Pharma guilt.

146). Plasma Donation Centers – While you aren’t legally allowed to be paid for blood, you’re allowed to be paid to donate plasma. If you go twice a week, you can make up to $400 per month at private plasma centers. The side effects for donating plasma are similar to those when you donate blood: dehydration, dizziness, fatigue, etc. If plasma  donation doesn’t affect you physically, you can just study or read a book when you’re there. Be productive!

147). Sperm Banks – You can earn $100+ per trip to the sperm bank, and some banks pays $1,500 a month! Current laws say the recipient can’t come forward for child support for some states and not for others, but I’m not sure of what the future holds. You need to be ok with potential little ones walking around and beware of future lawsuits for child support. It depends on your risk tolerance. Try Googling “sperm bank” + your city to find one in your area.

Psych-Studies-retire-hacks148). Psych Studies -On many college campuses, there are psych studies which can earn you up to $40+/hr. Back in my college days I would sign up for a few if I was attending class near the building hosting studies. They ranged from boring things like clicking when the color of a word matches the color and testing my ability to ignore cake. They were pretty fun. Google “psych studies” and your location to find out about ones near you.

149). Clinical Trials – There are studies for new drugs and sleep studies which are pretty lucrative. Getting paid to sleep doesn’t sound half bad, with getting paid $60+/hr for MRI studies and even more for the sleep studies. There are ones with drugs actually being tested on you that pay a few thousand dollars, but with the unknown side effects, you’ll have to decide if you want to risk that (I wouldn’t!). You can check out the government website or simply Googling “clinical trials” + your area.

150). Egg donation – You can get paid $10,000 for eggs normally. The process can take 8-10 weeks with two injections daily for several weeks. Once your eggs are ready, doctors harvest 20-30 eggs at a time. There are certain minorities who are paid more (Asian, Jewish) because those races have less egg donors, and their parents want a baby of the same race. Same goes for women with graduate or Ivy degrees. An article even came up with women getting paid $100,000 for eggs. The centers also offer free egg freezing (which normally costs $10,000, with yearly storage fees covered), so you can have extra eggs in case something goes wrong, either during the donation cycle or in the future. That being said, you don’t know what will happen with child support and a mini-me of you might be walking around. You need to be ok with that.

151). Surrogacy – You can help a mother carry a child to term. Some women have issues with their uterus or are older and more suspectible to things going wrong with their baby if they were to carry a child to term. You’d be helping out a family and getting paid. They pay up to $40,000.

152). Selling BreastMilk – Some women cannot produce breastmilk, or are on medication that would transfer to the child and be harmful. If you can and are willing to sell your breastmilk, people will pay up to $2.5 per ounce. Considering a glass of milk is around 16 ounces, that’s $40 a glass of milk. Pretty lucrative and you get to help other women’s children!

healthywage-retire-hacks153). Healthywage – Get paid up to $10,000 to lose weight in the form of a bet. You set the amount of pounds you think you can lose in a specified amount of time, 6-18 months, and you pay a fixed amount each month until the end of your bet. At the end, if you have lost your weight, you get all your money back plus a large return. If you haven’t lost the amount you promised, you lose all the money you put in. The returns are 20%+, which is an awesome side hustle for just being healthy! If you are going to lose weight, you might as well get paid for it.

I explained HealthyWage here and how you can win up to $10,000.

154). Reducing Expenses — Possibly one of the easiest ways to make money and create a “side gig” is by reducing your expenses. A few phone calls and chats to online customer reps will return a great hourly rate if you can switch products and save money. The first few days of my free financial independence course go over how to slash expenses while not reducing quality of life.

155). Increase your salary/wage by getting a raise – Figure out what the schedule of raises is at work. Start making your case about 2 months before you’ll find out if you will get a raise as your manager will likely have to make the case to give you a raise to their manager. If you’re underpaid, find data on Glassdoor and present it neatly. If you’re getting paid the same as your co-workers but doing so much more, quantify your actions on paper and ask for a private meeting with your boss.

156). Find another job – A lot of salary raises are given through finding another job. If you’re considering getting an acceptance to another job and then asking your employer to match it, beware that it causes distrust. You’ve poisoned the well. If the interviewer asks your current salary, you can simply state that you believe you deserve $X/year due to specific reasons — ie. salary comps from Glassdoor, your extremely specialized skill, etc. In most states (if not all) it’s actually illegal to ask for your salary.

157). Get a bigger bonus – Bonuses are usually given once a year, so apply the same tactic as when trying to increasing your salary/wage. Try not to take any vacation during this time so you’re remembered and don’t mess up during this time because the most recent memories of you can erase the good that you’ve done throughout the year. Try not to blow up your pnl/projects at the end of the year – save it for next year so you can lock in your bonus. Never leave before a bonus has posted to your account and make sure you are up to date on whether there is a clawback and know when your shares/401k will be vested.

158). Negotiate better benefits – If you’re in a professional setting, an invaluable employee, and the company culture is flexible, you can ask for better benefits. They include things like working from home a couple of weeks a month, cell phone/wifi/car allowances, etc. This works better with tech or recently founded companies.

159). Calculate the benefits before taking a job – Sure, the salary might be lower or higher, but have you taken into account the 401k match, whether the company allows mega backdoor Roth’s, the cost of health insurance (whether you have an HSA, FSA, or neither), free meals, transportation benefits, maternity/paternity benefits (for example, Netflix offers 2 years of maternity/paternity leave, most professional companies offer 3 months to women and 2 weeks at least to men), etc. Also consider the untold benefits of each company: brand name, future advancement, etc.

160). Unclaimed money – You can search government databases to find out if there is any unclaimed money in your name. What could be more fun

There are tons of other side hustles available out there. Come and check all it all out

These side hustles can be done with just a bit of work. Try them out

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