About Retire hacks

I am a sassy, thirty something immigrant that knows how to get shit done. Retire Hacks invites you to join me on my continued journey of attaining the American Dream. I really believe that FIRE is for everyone regardless of national origin, gender, race, religion or lived experience. 

Whether you are an immigrant, the child of an immigrant, or are interested in the immigrant experience, welcome to this Journey on FIRE! 

The goal of Retire Hacks is to inspire and support you along your journey to Financial Independence and or Retire Early. I will share stories, hacks, and strategies that work. 

Journeys are way more fun with company! One of the unique things about this blog is that we will share the journey’s on FIRE of different people in different circumstances across the country. We all have things to learn and we all have things to teach. 

My journey is rooted in faith – yes, you can be a smart ass and spiritual at the same time. My faith is what supports me along this journey and reminds me of the importance of joy and generosity. Love is the foundation of my life – personal and business. My desire for you on your journey is that, not only do you attain your FIRE goals, but that you do so with love and joy.

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Everyday is Amazing!

At age 35, if it weren’t for hard work, persistence, investment and saving strategies, I wouldn’t be where I am today — living life on my own terms! I’m my own boss. I can focus on doing things that I’m passionate about and live life filled with joy, purpose and freedom!

Be Inspired!

Our life is made up of our decisions and actions…

Being rich is having money, being wealthy is having time.
Financial freedom is about having choices.
Financial freedom is freedom from fear
Money brings happiness but more importantly, freedom.
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