Renting Out

117). Airbnb – Have an extra room in your house or want to rent out your house when you go on vacation to earn some extra cash? Get your house on Airbnb. It’s an easy process to list your house and you’d be earning some extra cash off of your existing assets. Everyone is booking off of Airbnb now, so you should be side hustling your extra space for extra cash! Sign up here to rent out your extra space for extra cash.

Sign up here if you want to get a free $40 credit off of your first Airbnb stay.

118). HomeStay –  A less known booking site is called HomeStay. It’s basically the same as Airbnb. Think of Uber vs. Lyft being the same thing. HomeStay could be thought of as the Lyft because it’s less well known. Sign up to make extra cash with them here.

If you’re looking to stay at HomeStay, it’s a bit cheaper since it’s not as well known. Click here to book a room with them.

119). VRBO – Similar to HomeStay and Airbnb. Cross-list your apartment or home on VRBO for some extra cash.

Make sure that if you get a booking on one site, you remember to blacklist that date on the other sites so you’re not penalized! It’s worth listing on all of the above because they all basically do the same thing.

120). Turo – Why rent from a rental agency when you can rent from a private person? Think of Airbnb, but for cars! Turo has $1 Million liability policies, so if your car gets crashed or someone is injured while driving it, you’re covered. List your car up for the days you’re not using it.

121). Fat Llama – You can rent out anything you have. They have insurance policies for your items.

122). House Hacking – Buy a multi-unit house and rent out the other portions so that it covers your rent or makes it positive cash flow! While this can’t really be done in HCOL places like NYC/SF/etc, if you live in a more “normal” real estate environment, this should be something you consider.

123). Pinball Machine/Arcade Games – Same procedure as the above, but find a good location for it. Maybe there is a local bar or restaurant you can talk into putting one of these machines in.

There are tons of other side hustles available out there. Come and check all it all out

These side hustles can be done with just a bit of work. Try them out

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