75). eBay – List all your old items that you don’t use. Make sure you understand the cost of shipping. You can ship items 16 ounces or less for 1st class via USPS for $2.54. There are flat rate boxes that go up to ~$10 no matter what region you’re in. eBay lets you set sizes/weight of the item and they estimate shipping costs for you. After a while you can eyeball the sizes/weights and don’t need to measure it every single time. Beware listing high-ticket items on eBay as there are some smart scams on there. If you’re not familiar with the eBay landscape, you should consider listing those high-ticket items in person or selling them to a trusted third-party.

76). Facebook Neighborhood Group – Join your local Facebook group and list your items for sale that are too big to ship and ones that are high-ticket. Always take into account gas and time when you’re selling an item. If it’s a super big item, consider charging a delivery fee. Be safe and agree to meet in a public place with a friend or significant other. Conduct business with someone that is a real person (check their Linkedin, FB, the web).

77). Gazelle – Sell your old electronics to Gazelle for gift cards. If you’re new to eBay, you probably don’t want to go through hoops in case there is a disgruntled customer or someone trying to scam you. Use Gazelle instead.

Amazon-Trade-In-Program-retire-hacks78). Amazon Trade-In Program –  Have old items that are just laying around but don’t feel like listing them on eBay and selling them yourself? Send it off to Amazon and you’ll get an Amazon gift card for it.

79). Decluttr – You can sell your extra CDs, DVDs, and Video Games on Decluttr. You just scan your barcodes and Decluttr gives you can offer.

80). Cardpool – Still got that old gift card for your birthday? If you’re not going to spend it on that store, sell it for cash. Get some extra savings instead of spending it on something you don’t even want!

They also offer discounts up to 30 percent off of gift cards, so it’s a quick savings if you’re going to spend that money somewhere!

81). Vending Machines – Buy a vending machine, which starts at $3,000 new. Try and look around to see if there are any used machines that look new. Ask for a guarantee in performance so that you don’t have to worry about parts for a specified period of time. It’s all about putting a vending machine in the right location — office space, outside of commercial buildings, etc. Your ROI on a bag of chips or drinks is close to 300-400 percent. Once a week, someone can stock the vending machine, so it can become a form of passive income. Offer to cut the location in on the profits if they won’t let you put the vending machine there. Negotiate.

82). Amazon FBA – You can walk into retailers and purchase items for less than the net price that Amazon lists for. You can also try buying items that you think are going to be popular. Examples in past years include the Nintendo Switch and Hatchimals. Stepping up the game is getting a wholesale license, buying pallets of items, and then doing wholesale arbitrage.

83). Private Label – This consists of finding items off of Alibaba, putting a fancy label on it, and then running PPC campaigns and other marketing tactics to get your item ranked to the top of an Amazon search. You should start with test batches mailed via air, then move to buying pallets shipped by container (you can share a container with many other people).

84). Flipping Craigslist Freebies & For Sale Section – In Craigslist there is a FREE SECTION. FREE. Watch the Craiglist feed and look for items that are worth actual money. You can resell them either in person or online.

85). Estate Sales – Be extremely kind and polite at estate sales! They frequently have deals, so you should take a look. Always pull up your phone so you can do comps to make sure you can sell the items.

86). Consignment Store Finds – Stores frequently misprice things due to the volume they go through. You’ll get more bang for your buck by flipping luxury items, but if you’re new to eBay, Poshmark, Mercari, etc, you should start with lower priced items so you know the process and don’t get ripped off.

87). Luxury second-hand shops – Even in Japan, I found 2 items from 2 luxury consignment stores that made me a few hundred bucks when I sold them back home. Things are mis-priced anywhere you go. Also, certain Goodwill stores sell things by the pound. If you can find something good and have the free time to list it online, you can make a lot.

yard-sale-retire-hacks88). Flipping Items From Yard Sales – People trying to get rid of their junk do not do their homework often. Vintage items sell for a lot and people will misprice books, clothing, etc. super cheap just to get rid of it. You can also negotiate at yard sales.

89). Reselling for a cut – Go around to friends who need items sold. Ask if you can take a cut of everything sold. Most people don’t have free time and if you offer to take charge of the items for 30-40 percent, you can each cash without taking any risk. Apparently Kim K. did this for fun, but she had huge profits due to her friends trying to sell luxury items. You can say a lot of things about her, but she’s great at monetizing her life.

90). Liquidation – Have you ever wondered where all the items from retail stores go after the season is over or where all the returns go? There’s an entire liquidation industry where items sell for pennies on the dollar in bulk. The bigger volume you buy, the cheaper the items. You can re-list the items on eBay, sell the new items via FBA, or sort luxury clothing into piles for consignment stores. I’d recommend paying the extra 3% fee via Paypal instead of the industry standard cash, as there are a number of seedy liquidation companies.

91). Flipping Digital Real Estate – Once you understand blogging, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, advertising RPM and other components of online businesses, you can spot websites that are selling for under their potential. Websites sell for a multiple of their current profit, anywhere from 6-36 months depending on what niche. Do comps based on industry, potential, niche, etc.

This is a highly risky venture if you don’t understand the industry you’re in, so I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re not absolutely familiar and have already made money in the mentioned industry.

Some people are making over $50,000 per month like Michelle who teaches others how to make money online with her course Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing.

If you don’t have a website, you can start one for less than $3/month. That’s the price for getting a website host – a company that stores your website on servers so it can be viewed on the Internet.  Click here to get special pricing of $2.95/month with Bluehost.

Affiliate marketing can be a great way to make money from home. All you need is a computer and a website.

92). Flippa – Sells Amazon FBA businesses, websites, and apps. The names of the website and apps are mostly public so you can look them up and do your own due diligence. There are screenshots of earnings, expenses, etc and you can also ask the owner for more information. Some people just try and flip domain names that are trending or could possibly become famous. The biggest issue is that it isn’t very hard to fake revenue or a screenshot so you’ll really have to trust the seller. Check their reviews of past sites they’ve sold.

93). Empire Flippers – Has a higher concentration of dropshipping sites than Flippa. Empire Flippers vets each website and also has a podcast, which is pretty interesting to listen to. You’ll need to put down a refundable deposit of 5 percent of the selling value in order to see the actual website link and more information. Websites have higher quality on Empire Flippers, IMO.

One of the reasons I started a blog was to see how digital real estate works. Once I’ve learned a bunch about the blogging industry, I’d like to invest in digital real estate that I believe is undervalued and revamp it.

There are tons of other side hustles available out there. Come and check all it all out

These side hustles can be done with just a bit of work. Try them out

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