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Temporary frugality

Temporary Frugality


Let me tell you this…

I’ve achieved my early retirement through temporary frugality.

And why did I say “temporary”?

Before I reached the point where I no longer have to work for a living, I’ve practiced frugality. You know — stuff like not having a luxurious phone, not buying all the clothes I want, I’m not even splurging a lot on food! The way I lived my life was very simple in order to make more savings alongside with my side hustle earnings so I could invest.

Two years ago, I was able to fulfill my goal of retiring early at the age of 35. Now I no longer have to live as frugal as before. But to be honest, it has now been a habit of mine to practice frugality unintentionally. It became my way of life!

I learned that frugality made me happier.

Yes, you’ve read it right! On my way to achieving my financial independence, it showed me that simple joys in life can give me satisfaction. It made me realize that I do not have to reward myself constantly of things like daily expensive lattes to new pairs of stilettos in order to be happy. It trained me to live below my means without feeling deprived of what I need. It really felt good to feel happy with less, because I knew that I was able save — I felt content.

Frugality changed me a lot in ways I didn’t imagine. Believe it or not, once you feel you NEED less, you’ll start to feel you WANT less too! Material possessions won’t be your main source of happiness anymore, rather, you’ll want more fulfilling achievements in life.

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