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Being a minimalist is vital to becoming financial independence and retire early.

Here’s the ultimate guide to minimalism.

Being a minimalist means being able to declutter your life of unessential material possessions, poor habits, and exhausting relationships. This is an extreme way of making your daily life simpler. Some people immerse in minimalism because they want a more organized life and lesser stress, some want to enhance their savings with it. And you know what? It works!

I, found inner peace when I became a minimalist, myself. So, on this blog, I’ll share all my tips and tricks on how to become a minimalist in the most effective way possible.

Here, you don’t have to give up all the things that give you joy and comfort. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. It means letting go of the things that have little to no use. When you have too much on your plate, you barely see the things that matter to you. It’s being preoccupied with so many things that you find hard to handle. This brings stress. Stress in keeping all in place, stress in finances and stress in daily life.

To begin living a minimalist lifestyle, you have to own a fixed mindset.

What are your goals in looking for minimalist tips? It is to get rid of things that clutter your house? Is it to improve your savings? Is it to find clarity in this world full of distraction and consumerism? All these are good questions to ask yourself. This will give you clarity as to why you’re aiming for a minimalist lifestyle.

You can never become a minimalist overnight, but you can start TODAY.

How to become a minimalist at home:

  1. Start with a single room.

You see, a small step is the start of a big change. So, begin your decluttering in one area where you find it easiest to put away all unnecessary things. It can be your kitchen, your bedroom or the garage.

  1. Fill one trash bag.

As a beginner who aims of becoming a minimalist, I know it’s hard to let go of even the littlest things inside your home. But trust me, it will work out just fine. Begin filling one trash bag of the things you no longer use (old shoes, old clothes, empty jars, etc.) This is a start!

If you really think that the stuff you’re about to put into the trash can still be used by others then might as well donate it to the ones who may find it useful.

  1. Discard the duplicates.

Most of the time, we buy things that we already have. This habit will eventually result in additional clutter. If you have mugs that you don’t frequently use, it’s better to find a storage where you can keep it together with other utensils, not in use.

  1. Keep other stuff that you do not use on a daily basis.

If a week or two passed by and you didn’t even remember what you hid in your clutter box/trash bag, then it’s a sign that you don’t need those stuff. Discard it.

How to be a minimalist in travel:

  1. Pick a smaller bag.

Know how to separate the things you need versus the things you just want. Bring only what’s essential. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels like to travel lightly.

  1. Pack only comfortable clothes that you can mix and match.

You want several outfits but want to be a minimalist traveler? Learn how to mix and match the same batch of clothes in order to come up with different looks. This will save you space on your bag plus you get to enjoy a minimalist fashion.

  1. Aim for comfort.

Always just pick the essentials than any other things that might take too much space in your luggage — stuff like flat iron for hair, hair dryer, excessive makeup products and all other things that can be left at home.

How to become a minimalist in finances:

  1. Don’t spend more than what you make.

As a minimalist, we like to keep things simple. So, to avoid debts and stressing on a monthly payment, then just simply spend below your means. This sounds simple but most people fail to do this.

  1. List the things you need daily.

These essential things are rent, utilities, food, gasoline, insurance and any other “need” that you must have in order to live comfortably. The things that are not on your list are probably the things that fall under “wants”. If it’s possible to put these wants away, then do it. A minimalist life only depends on essential things.

  1. Question your purchases. Stay away from consumerism.

Next time you go to stores, ask yourself if the stuff you will buy will benefit your daily life. Will you be able to live without that stuff? If the answer is ‘yes’ then probably, it may eventually be one of your clutter at home.

How to become a minimalist in life:

  1. Cut off all the negative people from your life.

Being minimalist is not only about letting of unessential material things but also stressful relations in life. If you’ll let go of the people who pull you down, life would be much simpler and lighter.

  1. Break bad habits.

Not only toxic people can pull us down but also bad habits. Becoming a minimalist is a holistic approach in letting go of the unneeded stuff, so bad habits should go.

  1. Avoid excessive social media

In a world full of tweets and Instagram updates, you should learn to pause, breathe and feed your mind with better stuff. Most of the time, we spend hours just scrolling through our phones. I’m NOT saying that you need to give it up but just do it in a minimal habit. You need to have a mindset that there’s life outside social media. Go and live the real life!

Becoming a minimalist will take a long process but it’s worth every effort. When you find the happiness that we, as minimalists, get in living with less, you’ll see that there will always be a way to lighten up your pre-occupied life.


Less is more.